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Jimmy's Paw


- About shop -


~What is Jimmy's Paw~

Jimmy's Paw has developed a handmade food that uses plenty of local sea and mountain blessings in Hiroshima prefecture, in order to keep your precious family dogs and cats healthy and forever.

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~ Development history ~


I've had a lot of dogs for 30 years, and I've been facing various food problems for dogs. Each time, we have been solved the problem by trial and error.

One of our dog with many allergies were unable to eat commercial jerky or snacks. Meanwhile, when I made soup and jerky with deer and oysters and gave them, he didn't have allergic reaction, he became healthy and his coat became shiny.

One of our dog we got from the shelter cannot get fat just by using commercially available dry food, and the vet told us that please make her fat. So, we started  putting deer and oyster soup on her regular dry food, she started eating dog food  like never before, and was able to gain enough weight to be praised by the vet.

One of our dog with a strong appetite and a tendency toward obesity was told by a veterinarian that he could only live for 10 years unless he was thin due to cardiac hypertrophy. Therefore, we started giving him snacks which using okara and a deer with high protein and low calorie, and he got the ideal weight without putting stress.


From this background, we thought that some people might have the same problems, and developed soup, jerky, and cookies that were made with domestic ingredients.

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