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This is a luxurious flake made from dried lemon salmon from Hiroshima prefecture.
Please try the additive-free flake with the delicious taste of Hiroshima lemon salmon.


【Estimated daily intake】

Toy dog (1kg〜3kg):1g

Small dog (3kg-10kg): 2-3g

Medium dog (10kg-25kg): 5-8g

Large dog(25kg~): 10g


子犬 子猫 成犬 成猫 シニア犬 シニア猫
Jimmy's Paw ジミーズパウ 【期間限定】広島レモンサーモン100% ふりかけ 30g 犬 猫 無添加 健康 パウダー 粉末 ドッグフード ドックフード 犬ご飯 キャットフード ペットフード 鮭 さけ しゃけ 手作り フード ギフト プレゼント 贈り物

広島レモンサーモン100% ふりかけ 100% Salmon Furikake

SKU: 0009
  • ●原材料 :広島レモンサーモン
    ●内容量 :30g
    ●原産国 :日本(広島)
    ●保存方法 :常温(高温多湿を避けて保存してください。)
    ●賞味期限 :ご購入後、約3ヶ月(正確には商品の枠外に記載)




    ●Ingredient: Salmon       


    ●Product of Japan (Hiroshima)

    ●Storage: Room temperature

    ●Best before: 2months


    ・This product is a dietary supplement.・Owners are required to keep eyes on their pets when providing this product for their pets. ・Please provide small amount for the first time to make sure if it’s suitable for your pet’s physical condition.・Excessive consumption may cause loose stool. ・Please do not use this product if it doesn’t suit your pet’s physical condition.・Store in the fridge and consume as soon as possible after opening. ・White or brown lumps may be found, but there is no problem in quality as these are constituents of this product.・As it is a handmade product using natural ingredients, the shape, color and smell may vary slightly.

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